The Bolero handbag is an all-purpose, timeless piece that stands out with its minimal design and gorgeous carves. This bag celebrates modern Georgian knitting heritage, but at the same time it's a contemporary item defining Leko’s signature style and aesthetics. It has a WOYOYO wood-coated magnet and a hand-stitched inside pocket.   Details Handknitted with...

Mechanism Bolero


Bolero handbag is one of WOYOYO original designs. It’s an all-purpose timeless piece, with an inside pocket and wooden base. This edition has a WOYOYO twist-lock mechanism developed exclusively for WOYOYO by Leko Melashvili and her partners.

Bolero Sparkling


The Bolero Sparkling Edition comes in a few dazzling colorways only. The handbag has an inside pocket and a wooden base. It comes with a wood-coated magnet.  Details Handknitted with 62% rayon & 38% metallic yarn Georgian walnut heartwood Magnet Inside pocket Handles Wooden base Size 30H x 35W x 73D Depth: 11 cm