We want our goods to withstand the test of time. Please take care of your WOYOYO

WOYOYO handbags

Dry cleaning – Please follow specific instruction

It’s possible to wash your handbag with dry cleaning using a chemical solvent. No water. Main risk when washing the bag is damaging the wood parts caused by collision as the washing machine rotates.

If you decide to wash the handbag in the dry-cleaning, place the handbag into a special washing net, fasten the bag. Secure and protect the wood by binding it with a cloth, especially the corners. Constrain handbag movement to the maximum and restrict the wood crashing.

After dry clean the handbag will loss its shape temporarily. Reshape your self back to its original form.

For specific questions regarding care, please contact us or your local profession drycleaner.

WOYOYO hats, jackets and other goods

Our goods are branded with wooden WYY logos. It’s absolutely safe to wash them in washing machine or hand wash them in water.

All wood panels which we use to produce WOYOYO products are well dried, refined and cured with natural oil several times to withstand time and ware.

If you have further question about care, please contact us.