– WOYOYO items are handmade to order; we do not hold stock for sustainable purposes. All items are handmade and crafted with attention to quality, detail, and sustainability.
– Each item has been hand crafted, production requires low energy intensity, and it is a testament to genuine craftsmanship.– WOYOYO items are made fairly; we employ artisans in their homes, and our production allows for flexible working hours.
– It takes time to train our crafts-people and Leko shares vigorous quality control in both training and production. For this reason, our items and the quality of our work is very hard to replicate.
– All the wood is natural and cut according to the local renewable sourcing regulations. Georgian Walnut Heartwood is a precious material and has unique aesthetic qualities. Walnut is not endemic to forests, but it is highly valued in Georgia and other countries for both its fruit and as a material.
– We believe in minimal waste. We have a policy to use the maximum amount of cut wood without waste.
– The ethos of the brand is working with sustainability as its modus operandi, innovating and developing eco-friendly ideas. The label takes active steps as an organization towards preserving our eco-system.

WOYOYO combines Georgian artistry, craftsmanship, and design into a modern aesthetic. Each accessory is fashioned and refined by the power of our hands.
Leko Melashvili is the artist and craftswoman behind WOYOYO. Leko was born in Georgia, a small but ancient country with a rich cultural history, which continues to flourish in the present day. We constantly innovate by unrolling new products following our own methodology in aesthetic thought and the means of craftsmanship, woodwork, and superior crochet knitting technique.
The foundation pillar of WOYOYO production is infusing valuable time and care into design and production. Craftsmanship and demanding artisan methods bring exceptional quality to WOYOYO products.